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This project shall include, but is not necessarily limited to the following:

Contractors shall Furnish all labor services, materials, tools,
equipment, supplies, transportation, utilities and all other items and facilities necessary for the completion for the San Dieguito River Park Maintenance Facility Project.

1. The PHASE ONE bid will consist of the following construction components:
- All site work including grading, bio filtration basin, and site landscaping
- Entire foundation for building and porch (sheet S2.0 of project plans, except “entry walk”)
- Construction of garage (including storage and electrical rooms) and fenced work yard
- Utility Installation (water/sewer)

The PHASE ONE work will entail a design/build component to modify the PHASE ONE structure
(garage) to a finished condition that would allow the remaining structure to be successfully constructed and completed in the future. The south facing wall of the PHASE ONE structure (garage) must be finished with a waterproof plaster exterior. A construction change to the plans will be required for the PHASE ONE work.

2. The ENTIRE PROJECT bid will consist of constructing the entire project

The OWNER’s estimate of construction
cost for PHASE ONE is $500,000 and for ENTIRE PROJECT is $1,200,000.

For further information, please e-mail to:

Plans and Specifications prepared by
OWNER’s Architect, Rinehart-Herbst (“ARCHITECT”), are on file and may be obtained at The cost of Plans and Specifications is not refundable whether they are returned or not.

Sealed bids shall be delivered to the office of the San Dieguito River Park JPA, located at 18372 Sycamore Creek Road, Escondido, California, 92025.

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